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Peter Vigue and Cianbro manager Darryl Brown will not reveal details of the planned route, only a broad line running from Coburn Gore to Calais. Parts of the route that are definite include Stud Mill Road east of the Penobscot River and the connecting points to Canadian highways at either end of the Corridor. It would follow Stud Mill Road to Costigan, cross the Penobscot River just north of Old Town, then head northwest to LaGrange, run south of Dover-Foxcroft and Guilford, go through The Forks, and then connect to Route 27 to cross the Canadian border into Quebec.

Vigue's proposal for the route as presented at various public meetings, February-May, 2012.

Cianbro proposed route

Best guesses of the route, judging from Vigue's and Brown's statements in 2012, from revised routes they have discussed at various presentations in 2012-2013, and from educated guesses about how the Corridor would have to deal with the geology and hydrology of Maine are these:

The eastern section of the corridor's route based on information available from Cianbro as of March 8, 2013. Several options appear likely and are marked in yellow. (Click on this image to view 8x11in jpeg directly, or click on download link to get original pdf.)

Download pdf (6.9 Mb)

Same eastern section of the corridor's route (as of March 8, 2013) marked on Maine road map. (Click on this image to view 1400x1082px jpeg directly.)

The western section of the corridor's possible route based on information available from Cianbro as of summer, 2012. Orange marks possible route of E-W corridor as gauged from some maps Peter Vigue presented; purple marks possible route from engineer's perspective. (Blue marks the existing rail line for E-W transport between Quebec and New Brunswick.)

Map of civil divisions marked with updates to Cianbro plan as of May, 2012:

Map of route from Lower Enchanted Township to Coburn Gore (from information available in May, 2012):

DeadRiver/CoburnG map

YouTube videos of simulated fly-over of regions planned for the E-W Corridor following a route representing Eric Tuttle's educated guess according to how the Corridor would have to be engineered.