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News Articles about the East-West Corridor and Public/Private Partnerships

The Bangor Daily News --- May 20, 2015
Bangor Daily News --- December 30, 2014
Dead or dormant? Proponents, opponents weigh in on status of east-west highway proposal
by Nick Sambides, BDN staff
Darryl Brown, program manager for the east-west "highway" project at Cianbro Corp., says the project is still being pursued but at a "lower temperature." Opposition is still very strong.
The Bangor Daily News --- December 30, 2014
Maine east-west highway timeline
by Nick Sambides Jr., BDN staff
Major events in the timeline, from 1990 to 2014.
Fishermen's Voice --- October 26, 2014
East-West Corridor Raises Questions For Coastal Maine
The East-West Corridor project would build multiple pipelines for utilities, oil, gas, water, etc., with a highway over them.
Bangor Daily News --- October 24, 2014
Candidates voice opposition to east-west highway at Dover-Foxcroft forum
by Mike Lange, Piscataquis Observer
Candidates for political office, both democrats and republicans alike, said at a meeting in Dover-Foxcroft on October 23 that they don’t like the concept of an east-west highway or utility corridor and won't support any legislation that threatens private property rights.
Kennebec Journal / Morning Sentinel --- October 3, 2014
Protesters renew battle against East-West highway
By Doug Harlow
Friends of the Piscataquis Valley and others demonstrated outside Cianbro's Headquarters in Pittsfield, calling for CEO Peter Vigue to recall his plan for the East-West Corridor.
[Note: the article mischaracterizes the Corridor; for correct information, see under "About the EW Corridor", especially Financing]
Bangor Daily News --- July 20, 2014
Gubernatorial candidates see eye to eye — mostly — on Maine’s proposed east-west highway
By Mario Moretto
There’s just not enough information available about its route, potential environmental impacts, or costs to say whether they support or oppose the East-West Corridor, their campaigns say.
Bangor Daily News --- July 16, 2014
East-west highway moratorium extended, annual budget passed by Dexter council
By Mike Lange, Piscataquis Observer
The town council unanimously passed another 180-day extension of a moratorium banning any construction of the east-west highway through the community
Bangor Daily News --- June 18, 2014
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