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Charleston's Resolution

The town of Charleston passed this resolution opposing the EWC at its March 8th, 2014, town meeting:

A Resolution to Oppose the Passage of an East West Corridor Through the Town of Charleston

Whereas the Corporation as of December 2013 was still actively planning an East West Corridor,

Whereas the Corporation's latest declaration of a possible route stated it would cross Route 15 north of the Bacon Road in Charleston,

Whereas the CEO stated during a 2013 Penobscot County Commissioner's hearing that the Corporation would avoid passing through any town that opposes the East West Corridor,

Whereas the Town of Charleston voted 86 to 20 in favor of a Moratorium Ordinance regarding private corridors, to include paved highways, pipelines, and high tension transmission lines in June 2013, and

Whereas the Town of Charleston's Selectmen voted to extend the moratorium in November 2013 through to June 16, 2014.

Therefore, be it Resolved that the residents of the Town of Charleston oppose an East West Corridor passing through the Town of Charleston.

We, the citizens of Maine, love the place we call home. Our sense of place is what defines us. When it's gone, it's gone forever.