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Published Letters to the Editor

Portland Press Herald, April 2, 2015
Maine Voices: The real road to nowhere would be the east-west corridor
by Chris Buchanan, Belgrade
Explains how two bills now before the State Legislature would create an equal playing field for all significant transportation proposals that may be governed by the state's law on public-private infrastructure projects.

The Bangor Daily News, March 5, 2015.
East-West Corridor
Response to OpEd by Doug Thomas titled "Our economy won't improve...," pointing out some of its errors and unsupported assumptions.
by Robert Fritsch, Dexter

The Bangor Daily News, February 24, 2015.
Enough doom and gloom
Doug Thomas doesn’t seem to recognize that most Mainers are wise enough to see through his Feb. 19 OpEd about a proposed east-west industrial corridor
by Keith Cook, Fairfield

The Ellsworth American, January 9, 2015.
Time for Cianbro to kill the corridor
It’s been over six years since the Cianbro Corp. published its feasibility study on the 220-mile strip of industrial development known as the East-West Corridor.
by Tod Cheney, Blue Hill

The Bangor Daily News, January 4, 2015.
East-west boondoggle
It's past time for the Cianbro Corp. to step up and not just make the process of promoting the East-West Corridor more transparent, but to take this boondoggle off the table once and for all.
by Tod Cheney, Blue Hill
See also Invest in ports, rail, not a new highway, by Robert Holland, Rocland, at this same link

Portland Press Herald, January 4, 2015
Cianbro still brandishing corridor ax
by Tod Cheney, Blue Hill
Maine citizens living near the proposed route continue to live with the stress of uncertainty, unable to make informed decisions about their futures.

The Bangor Daily News, November 7, 2014.
The "heart" of Maine
The east-west corridor project would result in a long-term detriment, not a long-term solution, to the economic well-being of central Maine.
by Jamie Gaudion, Dover-Foxcroft

The Kennebek Journal and Morning Sentinel, September 26, 2014.
East-west corridor remains a danger
While many residents have not heard about Cianbro's East-West Corridor recently in the media, they should not assume the project is dead. Evidence that the project is alive and well continues to surface.
by Leslie Fernow, Dover Foxcroft

The Bangor Daily News, July 28, 2014.
Wealth of information---There is enough information available on the East-West Corridor for the gubernatorial candidates to form opinions on it, contrary to what they said for a July 20 BDN article.
by Tod Cheney, Blue Hill

The Bangor Daily News, July 23, 2014.
East-west corridor---The July 21 BDN article about the proposed east-west corridor is only partially accurate with respect to the efforts made by Charleston residents in our resistance to the project....
by Carol Ipolitti, Charleston

The Bangor Daily News, March 14, 2014.
East-west corridor---About Charleston's Resolution to Oppose the Passage of an East West Corridor Through the Town of Charleston and Vigue's promise to abide decisions by communities to disallow the EWC.
by Bob Lodato, Charleston

The Bangor Daily News, January 6, 2014.
Vote mischaracterized---Response to the Dec. 28 letter by Sen. Doug Thomas about Charleston's putting on hold a Rights Based Ordinance.
by Phillip Bennett, Charleston
Thomas failed to acknowledge that a straw poll of those present at the meeting showed most opposed the East-West Corridor. Until a definitional inconsistency can be resolved in the proposed Ordinance, voting on it is simply postponed.

The Bangor Daily News, Jaunuary 1, 2014.
Cease and desist---Response to the Dec. 13 article in the BDN "Cianbro remains committed to east-west highway project despite opposition."
by Terrell Crouch, Garland.
"We have put up with Cianbro’s secrecy long enough.... We demand that Cianbro fully disclose the projected path of this ill-conceived corridor. We further demand that the entire east-west corridor project cease and desist."

Portland Phoenix, July 10, 2013
Letter: E/W Corridor ABCs
by Parkinson Pino, Dover-Foxcroft
When will the conversation stop regurgitating the developer's "Highway" narrative and focus on the true nature and potential of this proposed E/W Corridor?

Kennebec Journal, June 9, 2013
East-west highway would destroy wild Maine
Ed Morris, Benton

The Portland Phoenix, May 3, 2013
No choice
Kudos to the Penobscot County Commissioners for hosting an informational public forum concerning the proposed East West Utility Corridor.

Lewiston Sun Journal, April 6, 2013.
G. Wilmott: The damage will be forever
Cianbro's PR man Darryl Brown spouts incessantly that the East West Corridor "will happen." Cianbro would like us to believe it.

The Bangor Daily, April 3, 2013.
Seeing Maine Through Cianbro Colored Glasses
by Tod Cheney

The Bangor Daily, April 3, 2013.
An East West Hiking Trail? You Gotta Be....
by Tod Cheney

Bangor Daily News, February 17, 2013.
East-west corridor: Pig in a poke.
Jane Crossen, OpEd.

Naked Capitalism, October 1, 2012
Why I remain irritated [by] the Sierra Club
by Lambert Strether A scathing look at the proposal for the E-W Corridor and the subtexts behind its many suspect claims, as well as criticism of a presentation the Sierra Club delivered on the proposal.

Portland Press Herald, September 2, 2012
Another View: Turns out Canada does want to send oil east via pipelines

Bangor Daily News, August 29, 2012
The environment can't afford an east-west highway
Edward Hummel, OpEd

Portland Press Herald, June 27, 2012
Maine Voices: In east-west corridor project, burden of proof lies with investors
They must show that plans for the highway meet our environmental permitting standards. By Robert Daigle of Arundel, an environmental management consultant

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