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On TV and Radio

WABI, October 31, 2014
Gubernatorial Candidate Profile: East-West Highway
by Catherine Pegram

WABI, June 16, 2014
East-West Corridor Protest in Pittsfield
by Kaitlin Burchill

MPBN, May 23, 2014
Maine Grandmothers Unite to Halt Plans for New Highway.
by Susan Sharon

WCSH Channel 6, December 11, 2013
East West Highway opponents travel state showing documentary

WVII TV, July 3, 2013
Rural Maine and the East-West Corridor
by Jared Pliner

WGBH, June 27, 2013
For Withholding Records on an East-West Highway, the Muzzle Award Goes to the Maine DOT
by Dan Kennedy

WCSH TV, June 25, 2013
Charleston bans development on East West highway with moratorium vote

WABI TV, June 14, 2013
Dexter Town Council Temporarily Blocks East-West Highway
by Terry Stackhouse

MPBN Radio, May 7, 2013
Maine Panel Acts on East-West Highway Bills
A Maine legislative committee has voted on several bills aimed at stalling or killing the proposed east-west highway, virtually assuring their final fate in the House and Senate.

WVOM Radio, May 3, 2013
Matt Newman, Terry Crouch, Parkinson Pino, and Angela Tyvoll interviewed on WVOM's morning program, The George-Hale/Ric-Tyler Show to explain the Corridor and STEWC. Listen to YouTube recording

MPBN Radio, April 30, 2013
Maine Small Business Owners Criticize East-West Highway Plan
by Jay Field

WCSH Channel 6, April 30, 2013
Small business owners voice concerns over east west highway
Amanda Hill

WABI TV, April 30, 2013
Lawmakers Consider Bills That Could Kill East-West Highway Project
by Rob Poindexter

MPBN Radio, April 3, 2013
Skeptical Landowners Grill Cianbro CEO on East-West Highway Plans
Reported By: Jay Field

WABI TV, April 2, 2013
East-West Highway Meeting In Bangor Draws Big Crowd

Fox22 WFVX TV, ABC 7, April 2, 2013
Tensions Run High at East-West Corridor Meeting

The Pulse Morning Show with Don Cookson on Radio AM 620, March 27, 2013
Discussion with Gerald Amelotte, Matthew Newman, Peter Brenc, and Sidney Mitchell of the STEWC coalition.
See The Pulse Morning Show for podcast (STEWC discussion starts at about 02:02:00 on the podcast clock), and watch/listen for further spots about the East-West Corridor on this program! (To be announced.)

WABI TV, March 11, 2013
Citizens and activists learn about US government system
(about one of the recent Democracy School sessions)

WCSH Channel 6, March 7, 2013
Fifteen-car train derailment in Mattawamkeag, Maine
Derailment with slow leaks from tank cars of Bakken Shale Oil bound for St. John, New Brunswick

WABI TV, March 2, 2013
Dexter Community Holds a Forum on the East-West Highway
Mainers against the proposed East-West Corridor spoke out in Dexter....

WERU FM, 4:00 PM, March 5, 2013 (announced 2/26)
WERU Web site
Amy Browne at WERU reporting on the E/W Corridor. This is an update program with an interview with Chris Buchanan and coverage from Darryl Brown's presentations in Eastport and Calais.

WABI TV 5, October 29, 2012.
Question posed to candidates for US Senate Angus King, Cynthia Dill, and Charlie Summers: "Do you support the proposed East West 'Highway' [sic] in Maine? Why or why not?"

MPBN Radio, August 14, 2012
Maine Governor Seeks to Calm East-West Highway Fears Reported By Susan Sharon Gov. LePage said he and Department of Transportation Commissioner David Bernhardt agree that the study preparing the way for the East-West Corridor "needs to be done in atmosphere of trust and...should include public input."

MPBN Radio, July 16, 2012
Environmental Critics Take Aim at Maine East-West Highway Proposal Reported by Jay Field

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