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Stop the East-West Corridor --- Information

Brochure: Stop the East-West Corridor (trifold)

Bulleted list of facts about the Corridor

Brochure: East-West Corridor through Maine: Why not? (bifold)

Explanation of what the Corridor is and what it would do
Download (updated 2/20/2012)

Garland Brochure

"Town of Garland & Proposed E/W Corridor / It is not just another highway!"

Cianbro Feasibility Study

East-West Highway Conceptual Feasibility Study, 2008 (Cianbro Corp.)

Download (4.7 MB)

Legal Documents

LD1671 2012 Feasibility Study on East-West Highway Bill


Title 1, sec 816 - Maine Laws on Eminent Domain exceptions


Title 23, sec 4251, Maine Laws on Public-Private Partnerships


The Federal Government's Role in Electric Transmission Facility Siting --- Congressional Research Service


Sensible Transportation Policies Act (1991, revised 2011) [See also highlights of how this applies to the EWC]

Eminent domain: see YouTube videos assembled by Eric Tuttle: here.
See also DVD of videos on this topic, "Partial Taking" (Eminent-Domain related), available for educational purposes only to members of for public sessions and viewing. Contact Eric Tuttle.

Research and Background Information

Maine East-West Highway: Economic Impact Analysis, 1999 (MDOT)

Download (5.7 MB)

Connecting Maine, MDOT's long-range plan, July 2010---Chapter 8, Eastern Maine

Download (2.7 MB)

Private Roads-Public Costs, 2009 (USPIRG)

Download (867 KB)

Strategic Investment Plan for Corridors of Regional and Economic Significance
MaineDOT Region 4 Transportation Corridors

Download (472 KB)

GROWashington/Aroostook---Washington County Transportation Investment Strategic Priorities (2014)

Download (93 KB)

Conserving Wildlife On and Around Maine Roads --- Maine Audobon, Maine DOT

Download (1 MB)

How electric-transmission lines affect property values

Download (553 KB)

Bulletins (North Country Commons) - about the Corridor

See Bulletins page
Bulletins 1, 2, 3 now available.

Other relevant publications

Valuing Maine's Natural Capital by Austin Troy (2012)


Rural Matters: a meditation, by Peter G. Beeson (2002).
An essay on why rural life matters.

Download from National Association of Rural Mental Health Web site.

Restoring Mental Vitality in an Endangered World: Reflections on the Benefits of Walking
by Raymond De Young
Published in Ecopsychology, March 2010
Coping with the challenges of global climate disruption and the peaking of the rate of fossil fuel production will require behavioral change on a massive scale. There are many skills that will help individuals deal with this coming transition but none more central than the abilities to problem-solve creatively, plan and restrain behavior, and manage the emotions that result from the loss of an affluent lifestyle. ... The article concludes with a series of specific prescriptions for enhancing our ability to cope with the coming transition, which can be summarized as simply to spend time walking outdoors, regularly, surrounded by and mindful of everyday nature.

Sierra Club press release on its opposition to the corridor, favoring rail transport instead

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