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About Stop the East-West Corridor

Stop the East-West Corridor is a statewide coalition of Maine citizens dedicated to raising awareness, fostering open communication, and requesting transparency about the East-West Corridor proposed by Peter Vigue of Cianbro Corporation. Several groups, including Friends of the Piscataquis Valley and Defending Water for Life in Maine, have led the coalition, and it has grown as more citizens living along the route of the proposed corridor as well as others throughout the state come to see how seriously it will disrupt life for all of Maine.

Our mission is to stop the East-West Corridor by demonstrating that the project is not in the interest of Maine and that Maine-citizen stakeholders do not want it.

Dover mtg
Over 800 Maine people attend town meeting in Dover-Foxcroft on May 31, 2012, with concerns and questions about the proposed corridor.

We, the citizens of Maine, love the place we call home. Our sense of place is what defines us. When it's gone, it's gone forever.