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News Articles about the East-West Corridor and Public/Private Partnerships

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Bangor Daily News --- December 13, 2013
Bangor Daily News --- December 11, 2013
Bangor Daily News --- November 12, 2013
Charleston to weigh ordinance blocking east-west corridor
Alex Barber, BDN Staff
Residents overwhelmingly voted to renew a moratorium on development of a corridor for a proposed east-west highway last week, and soon the town will have the opportunity to vote on an ordinance to prohibit the corridor.
Portland Press Herald --- October 7, 2013
Exporting Maine’s 
wind energy
Tux Turkel
Wind projects in Maine have bearing on the EW Corridor in that transmission lines delivering their output out of state would not only would provide the legal avenue for the development of a corridor with multiple uses like the EWC, it could allow the wind projects to link into a North/South merchant line along the interstate / turnpike.
Bangor Daily News --- September 19, 2013
Sangerville adopts Community Bill of Rights Ordinance; rejects transportation-distribution corridor
Sangerville residents adopted the first Community Bill of Rights ordinance to protect a municipality from infrastructure projects built without the consent of voters anywhere in the country, and the fourth rights-based ordinance in Maine.
Bangor Daily News --- July 17, 2013
Machias Valley News Observer --- July 5, 2013
Bangor Daily News --- July 3, 2013
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