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Bar Harbor Port Authority

Friends of Frenchman Bay is an all-volunteer Community Association working to protect Frenchman Bay from large-scale development of an outsized cruise-ship pier proposed for Bar Harbor (see Friends of Frechman Bay site).

A Port Authority would own the proposed pier unless Friends of Frenchman Bay can keep the State Legislature and voters of Bar Harbor from establishing that Port Authority. Legislation concerning this Port Authority would give it inherent eminent domain, warehousing facilities, and industrial parks.

In or before 2012, the firm Bermello, Ajamil and Partners was hired by the Town of Bar Harbor to produce and implement a plan to develop the old Bluenose Ferry Terminal. The assumed goal would be to build a pier capable of handling mega cruise ships.This firm has developed mega-cruise-ship piers in Singapore, Miami, and San Francisco.

We have concerns that this pier could also become a terminal for the East-West Corridor.

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